How a Mystery Patient Can Benefit Your Practice

Have you ever considered having a mystery patient come in to evaluate your practice? It’s a great way to find out objectively what patients think of your practice, as long as you don’t tell your staff ahead of time who or when the mystery person will be in.

(See Ed Rabinowitz’s recent article on this subject.)

A mystery patient can evaluate all aspects of your practice, including cleanliness, communication, appointment scheduling, wait times, check-in and -out process, physician and staff encounters, billing and ancillaries. It offers an unbiased opinion on what you do well and where you would benefit from improvement.

As a mystery patient, I find the results enlightening. It’s amazing what a person can see when they open their eyes in the physician’s office or clinic. The feedback a practice receives is priceless. The goal is always increased patient satisfaction. When done properly, the practice can gain so much with minimal cost to them.

Would your practice benefit from a mystery patient visit? Have you had a mystery patient visit your office? Share your experience with me at

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Brian LaMoreaux, MD | Credit: Horizon Therapeutics
Natalie McCormick, PhD | Credit: American College of Rheumatology
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