New Insight: A Look at Avacincaptad Pegol with Pravin Dugel, MD


As part of our ARVO 2023 coverage, Dr. Sheth sat down with Pravin Dugel, MD, President of Iveric Bio to discuss avacincaptad pegol for geographic atrophy and a look back at Dr. Dugel's career and his transition into industry.

Episode Highlights

0:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Background into Iveric Bio

4:48 - Avacincaptad pegol and GATHER trials

7:50 - ACP Priority Review

10:03 - ARVO 2023 data

16:22 - Collaboration with industry

21:10 - Wisdom for fellows

24:30 - Approvals for GA Treatments

28:35 - Unmet Needs

32:30 - Wrap-Up

Welcome back to New Insight with Veeral Sheth, MD!

The second episode of our KOL-led podcast hosted by Veeral Sheth, MD, Director of Clinical Trials, University Retina, features a conversation with Pravin Dugel, MD, President, Iveric Bio.

Together, the two experts discuss the background of Iveric Bio, and the lead molecule, avacincaptad pegol (ACP), a C5 inhibitor for treating geographic atrophy. Dugel describes the company's new drug application (NDA), receiving priority review, and the potential for breakthrough designation.

Sheth asks about the team that makes up Iveric Bio and the data on ACP being presented at The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2023 annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dugel describes being named to the board of directors of Iveric Bio and the collaborative work he laid down as a clinician and now as an industry member.

The experts describe training fellows and aiding them in broadening their horizons, as the landscape changes and the next generation may be looking for less traditional clinical routes. Dugel shares his perspective on that possibility, urging others to dream big when it comes to their future.

Sheth brings the conversation back to ACP and asks about the landscape moving forward in the next few years in GA treatment. He then questions the next unmet need in ophthalmology, if the approval of new therapies for GA marks the beginning of a dramatic shift in the field.

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Keep an eye out for more from New Insight!

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