ARCHOS 604-WiFi Portable Media Player

ONCNG OncologyFebruary 2007
Volume 8
Issue 2

With this new portable media player, physicians and administrators can both capture and access patient files and records with a few clicks, and view, listen, and record content with ease.

Although most may consider portable video players pure entertainment products, several applications do exist for professionals, particularly in healthcare, that enable true productivity in a handheld device. The new ARCHOS 604-WiFi brings real benefit to the workplace, with a 4.3-inch touch screen, 30GB hard drive, and wireless connectivity—all wrapped inside a device that fits neatly in your hand. Introduced in late 2006, the ARCHOS 604-WiFi is the first portable media player with 802.11g wireless connectivity, which lets users browse the Internet with the same device used for media playback. Users can research the Web, send and receive Web-based e-mail, and play media files from the computer onto an external display such as a TV or projector. The 604-WiFi also features a bright, customizable screen with large icons that are easy on the eyes and allow for simple navigation through the features of the product. The touch screen player lets users access media and the Internet quickly and easily either using the stylus, fingertips, or the right side navigation buttons.

X-Rays, Audio Notes, Video Recordings, and a Little Fun

Because the ARCHOS 604 Wi-Fi houses and can record the full spectrum of media files, healthcare professionals will find several uses for the player in the workplace. Physicians and administrators can both capture and access patient files and records with a few clicks, and view, listen, and record content with ease.

  • Video Playback and Recorder — The stand-out feature of all ARCHOS devices is video recording and playback. With the DVR Station accessory, the 604-WiFi acts as a portable video recorder. Connected to a TV, it can record any and all programming coming through a cable or satellite signal. This is a great tool for taking the shows you missed or want to show patients or colleagues with you wherever you go.
  • Audio Playback and Recorder — Another coveted feature of the ARCHOS devices is high-quality audio recording and playback. Capture your audio notes for transcription or notes to yourself on your way to and from the office.
  • Photo Viewer — A fast photo viewer holds files in JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats and features a zoom option and slide show capabilities. Access X-Rays and other image files for quick review or discussion.
  • Document Storage and Reader — The 604-WiFi acts as a full back-up and transfer storage device and reads PDF documents. With 30GB of capacity, users can store thousands of documents on its hard drive, connect the device to a secondary computer and transfer documents from one computer to the next.
  • Internet Access — Research the Web in any wireless zone, send and receive Web-based e-mail, and stay connected.
  • Transfer Files Quickly — An accessory to the 604-WiFi enables users to connect digital cameras, microphones, back-up storage devices, or any USB-enabled device directly to the product for transferring files without the use of a computer.

The ARCHOS 604-WiFi is the latest in a series of portable media players that work for business and pleasure. It’s priced at $449.99 and comes in a model without the wireless and touch screen options for $349.99.

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Provided by Samantha Steinwinder, marketing consultant to ARCHOS and other companies in the digital media and technology industries. E-mail:

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