OPIOIDIQ: Experience a documentary series on opioid use


Brought to you by Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.: OpioidIQ offers downloadable tools to help you identify unintentional opioid misuse, enhance patient communication, and optimize treatment management.

OpioidIQ offers a 5-chapter documentary series on the following topics:

  • Chapter 1. Appropriate opioid use: guidelines, tools, and patient management Weighing the benefits and risks of opioid treatment can help ensure appropriate use
  • Chapter 2. The dangers of unintentional opioid misuse Unintentional opioid misuse: a problem that’s often overlooked
  • Chapter 3. Taking action to enhance communication Communication plays an important role in avoiding unintentional misuse
  • Chapter 4. Empowering patients & caregivers Empower patients and caregivers to avoid unintentional misuse
  • Chapter 5. Addressing misuse with ADF technology Abuse-deterrent formulations (ADFs) help address unintentional misuse

To watch this documentary series on safe and proper opioid use, visit OpioidIQ.com

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