Peering into the Fantastic Future of Mobile [VIDEO]


Mozilla has come up with a concept for a phone that just might blow your mind and simultaneously improve the way you present information.

One of the stories that seems to be captivating viewers on the Web this week is Mozilla’s most recent “Concept Series.” The operative word here is concept; this series by the Internet browser company takes a “what if” approach to user-submitted ideas and improves upon them. Then again, some of these concepts may be more within reach that you might believe.

In any event, the most recent feature in this series is called “Seabird — A Community-driven Mobile Phone Concept.” At this point you are probably wondering what else a phone can do nowadays that they can’t already; between the iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry phones, users can stream live video, take high quality photos and video, browse the Web, utilize endless amounts of applications to do just about anything, and, oh yeah, they can make phone calls too.

But Mozilla has taken things to the next level, and they’ve done a nice job of flushing out the whole “what if” idea. In the two minute video (below) that explains the idea behind the Seabird, Mozilla displays “how users might interact with their mobile content as devices and technology advances.”

Some of the features the fictional Seabird phone has built in will make you “oooh” and “aaah.” For instance, what if your phone could be placed on a dock on your desk, at which point one side becomes a projector and the other side projects a keyboard for your to type on? You could easily give a presentation at a conference or pull up a patient’s EHR with that little device in your pocket.

Mozilla clearly states on their site that there are no intentions to create this phone, but simply by putting the idea out there and refining it, you have to believe that, if not Mozilla, someone else has already begun putting together specs and a plan for this type of superphone to hit markets in the not-too-distant future.

What possibilities can you think of for companies out there who might specifically want to create a phone that would help health care professionals in their day-to-day tasks? Would you like to have a built in projector in your phone?

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