Radiation Fears, FDA Label Changes, and Smartphones Abandon Microsoft


A quick look at the unfolding crisis in Japan and other medical headlines.

In a BBC technology blog, writer Maggie Shiels takes note of HP’s migration away from the Microsoft OS in its new mobile technology, most notably in the TouchPad. I’ve commented in the past that Microsoft doesn’t appear to be concerned with remaining competitive in the smartphone market. So while Microsoft undeniably remains a huge player in the business world, how long can that last when tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming a business mainstay?

The FDA has announced labeling changes for 53 different drugs, several of which are commonly used antibiotics. If you haven’t done so already, visit the FDA website and take a look at the list, as many of the drugs had changes to multiple label sections, including the PI.

If you’re a pediatrician or other health care provider on the West Coast, you may be getting pummeled by questions from worried parents regarding radiation exposure as a result of Japan’s mounting difficulty in managing damaged nuclear reactors. And sadly, as the death toll mounts in Japan, so do reports of displaced Japanese children, who may, in fact, be at risk for radiation poisoning.

These children will undeniably need strong support and counseling in the wake of such a disaster, and because the crisis is saturating the news and adult conversations, so might children here in the US. Alarmed parents need to be aware that their anxiety can be contagious, and explaining the crisis in Japan in clear language that children can understand may be key to helping them feel safe.

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