Recognize and Appreciate


Did you know that the top two reasons an employee leaves a medical practice is they don’t feel appreciated and they are not recognized for their efforts? Although most people look for positions with more money, that’s generally not the motivator to make them look for work elsewhere.

Physicians should know that it’s very easy to recognize a person for their hard efforts. In many cases all you have to do is tell them, “You did a great job,” or “Thank you for doing this,” or “I really appreciate it.” Send them an e-mail or a note. Verbal and written recognition are two easy ways to let a person know that you are aware of their efforts.

Celebrate your successes with your medical staff. If you meet a goal that you set, celebrate with a lunch or small gift for each employee. They will appreciate it and encourage them to work harder. Recognition does not have to cost money. You can offer a few hours off (at a convenient time for the practice) for each staff member.

I could write a whole book just on employee recognition. It works. I’d love to showcase some of your favorite ways to recognize your employees.