Review Your Goals

Several weeks I blogged about reviewing your medical practice mission statement. Part of your mission statement is to review your goals. The goals that you set for the office should be simple, attainable, and match your mission.

Let’s talk about a few ideas for your goals:

• Respect for all patients and families

• Establishing trust between the patient and practice

• Being cognizant of patient confidentiality and HIPAA

• Listening to the patient and be aware of their feelings

• Being available for patients and their needs

• Building strong patient relationships

• Courteous communication both on the telephone and in person

• Billing will be handled efficiently and privately

• Discretion will be used in patient care

• Striving to meet and exceed the expectations of the patient

Your goals should be to treat the patient as you would like to be treated. Set your practice’s standards high and then strive to reach and exceed your goals.

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