Presidential Elections: Is Zimbabwe a True Democracy?


And we think we have problems with our upcoming presidential elections; look at Zimbabwe. They have been waiting 10 days to find out who has won the election! Is this leading to a changing of the guard? Not if incumbent President Robert Mugabe has anything to say about it.

Although this blog focuses oninternational healthcare, today I felt compelled to write about somethingthat’s not related to healthcare.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve beenwatching and reading the news about the elections in Zimbabwe between theruling ZANU-PF party, which is the one President Robert Mugabe is affiliatedwith, and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. The elections wereheld 10 days ago and the presidential results have yet to be announced! Thereare many rumors rumbling about how this delay will enable Mugabe to maintaincontrol over the government that he’s been in charge of for the last 28 years,and perhaps lead to violence, because preliminary polling results have shownMDC candidate Morgan Tsvangirai won the election. It’s obvious that Mugabe andhis supporters refuse to leave quietly and will do whatever is necessary tokeep the power.

It has been said that priorto the rebellion that allowed Zimbabwe to declare its independence from GreatBritain, the country was thought to be the “bread basket” of Africa with highquality education and healthcare (ah-ha, here’s something health-related!).Since Mugabe’s reign, the country has fallen apart with a ridiculously highinflation rate (100,000) and its inability to take care of its citizens.

This whole situation makesme feel sad for the citizens of Zimbabwe, angry that someone will do whateveris necessary be in power no matter the costs, and frustrated that nothing hasbeen resolved. At the same time I feel grateful and lucky to be living in acountry where situations like this do not happen. I am proud to live in acountry where I am free to do basically anything I want, live anyway I want.I’ve been fortunate to have traveled all over the world and witness firsthandthe advantages and disadvantages of people who live in countries like India,Vietnam, and South Africa. Having these experiences has only instilled thepride I have for my country, knowing that I am lucky to live in such a greatnation when so many suffer.

There’s my rant for today.Thank you for reading.

In case you wish to learnmore about what’s happening here are some links to articles online:

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