Social Media in Medicine: A Crash Course for HCPs


Some HCPs are hesitant to adopt social media because of common misconceptions. Our webinar will dispel the myths & show how it can help you do amazing things.

#SocialMedia in Medicine webinar -- June 16, 1-2PM (EST)

Social media dominates our world today. Whether it's following real-time conversations about specific

events, sharing personal information with friends, or simply to network, there's something for everyone.

Knowing just how to utilize these various sites can prove to be very worthwhile.

However, the most common argument against joining social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and

LinkedIn is that it takes too much time to become familiar with the platforms. The irony here is that, if

users actually do take the time to become familiar with them, it can actually help serve them in their

professional lives and save them time. And even money. For instance, have you ever wanted to follow or

attend a conference without ever leaving your home or office? It's easier than you might think.

If you've been hesitant to join the social sphere because you're concerned about the time needed to

invest or because you've been buying into the stereotype that social media is a waste of time for people

who want to share about "what they've had for lunch," then it's time to throw everything you know

about social media out the window and join us for a one-hour webinar to discuss topics like:

• The difference between fans, followers, and friends

• How to follow a medical conference on Twitter

• Using hash tags to find real-time information on any topic

• How to market your practice/organization using social media

Join HCPLive Director of Digital Content Sean Johnson on Thursday, June 16th for a Social Media 101

primer. He'll help you get on your way with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, covering the ways in which

you can utilize each of these platforms to serve you in your professional life. He will also be joined by

HCPLive Physician Blogger and social media guru Dr. Joseph Kim. Dr. Kim has given numerous

presentations at medical conferences across the United States covering the ways in which social media

can help serve health care professionals. He will speak to his experience using social media

as a physician and will help to answer user questions that you might have.

Don't be afraid. Just one hour of your time is all it takes to understand all the benefits that await you in

the world of social media. Sign up today!

Please note that there is no CME/CE credit available.


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