Lisa Swanson, MD: Detailing Infantile Hemangioma


Though not all hemangioma last past 10 years old in pediatric patients, some untreated hemangioma are associated with high risk of ulceration.

In earlier entries of her interview with HCPLive, Lisa Swanson, MD, dermatologist at Ada West Dermatology, Meridian, Idaho, spoke of available treatments for pediatric skin conditions, as well as the virtues of educational and psychological interventions.

In her parting thoughts, Swanson detailed another dermatological struggle with infantile hemangiomas.

Infantile hemangiomas are vascular birthmarks that typically plateau in pediatric patients at 10 years old, and though some hemangiomas do not require treatments, others can lead to serious events such as ulceration.

Special sites such as the nose, eyelid, lip, and diaper area of a patient can include hemangiomas that are incredibly painful for those affected.

Since moving her practice to Idaho in recent months, Swanson became the first pediatric dermatologist in the state.

“I'm seeing kids that are 2,3, 4 and 5 that have really significant hemangioma that should have been treated and would have benefited so much from being treated, but there just wasn't somebody in the area that felt comfortable with that,” Swanson said.

As such, Swanson had made it a point to inform other clinicians on how they could treat infantile hemangioma.

To hear more on the condition, watch the video above.

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