The Lunatic

Is Pastor Terry Jones really crazy for having threatened to burn the Koran?

STOP THE PRESSES! Well, actually there are no presses. Ok, then HOLD THE INTERNET! CONTACT AL GORE! I swear I’m going to do it and NO ONE will be able to stop me.

It almost worked for Pastor Terry Jones, from Gainesville, FL, when he threatened to create a world crisis by burning the Holy Koran this Saturday, but he canceled his plans last night. He then said that he had worked a deal to prevent the Muslims from building a Ground Zero Mosque. There’s hardly a rational human being who doesn’t think he’s a whacko. But then I got to thinking. He got the President, Secretary of State, Pope, and who knows else involved.

So I got to thinking more. Ok, LISTEN UP PEOPLE. If no one meets with me next Tuesday night…no wait, I’m going to the Rays-Yankees game, ok, let’s say by a week from this Saturday, to discuss my ideas on health care, which I’ve expounded on right here on my blog, then I’M GOING TO DO IT. I’m going to burn my office copies of WebMD, INCLUDING MY CARRIE UNDERWOOD issues. I SWEAR I’LL DO IT!

Now, I’ll just wait for this blog to be picked up by the media and they’ll be swarming my office over the weekend. And I’ll even be working this Saturday morning. Maybe I’ll bring coffee and donuts for everyone. I can’t wait. I’ll let you know how it goes.