Making Time for Me

I live in the Midwest. Like many of us across the country this winter has been more difficult than past winters. There’s been more snow, rain, flooding, and tornados across the country. So, like most Americans, I’m excited about the arrival of spring and impatiently waiting for summer.

Physicians and theirs employees are probably feeling the same sense of “cabin fever.” Although you need to be at the office a certain number of hours, why not encourage your staff to make time for themselves? Get outdoors and smell the fresh air, take a walk and enjoy the season change. Perhaps you can try yoga, meditate, or get a massage.

Suggest an exercise class so you are in shape when summer arrives. Improve your diet and look for ways to eat healthier. Think about your garden and what you want to plant. I keep hoping that if I think about plants and sunshine, summer will follow spring’s arrival.

I encourage you and your staff to make time for yourselves. Their outlook and yours will improve and I’m sure so will their performance in the office.