"For Sale: Used Nurse. Dirt Cheap."


One of the most popular blog posts made by a nurse in 2009.

The website www.allnurses.com compiled a list of the most popular blog posts made in 2009. Among the most popular was “For Sale: Used Nurse. Dirt Cheap."

This blog post recaps the career of a nurse who was on the fast track to management but realized that she was better suited for providing direct nursing care in an assisted living facility. She wrote that she is now "doing something I love, and my time off is all my own. Wealth and position are lousy substitutes for golden afternoons playing with the grandbabies on the freshly-mowed lawn, eating supper with the family, and enjoying these last precious weeks before my youngest child embarks on adulthood. I missed so much of life when I was spending all of my waking hours either at the job or thinking about the job; nowadays, I have less money, but what I've been given in exchange is well worth the cost!"

Many of the comments posted in response to the nurse's blog were supportive, with many nurses saying that they could relate to the dilemma of choosing what path to take in their nursing careers. Many chose the same path as the blog author and were glad that they did.

I'm thinking that the clever title of the blog post caught the eye of many nurses when they visited the allnurses.com site. And certainly there is not a nurse alive who cannot relate to this title in some way. I know I can.

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