Treating Combined High Lipoprotein, Inflammation Reduces MACE Risks

July 20, 2020


A secondary ACCELERATE assessment shows a particular set of patients who may benefit from Lp(a)-lowering novel agents.

National Lipid Association Gives Statement on Dyslipidemia Genetic Testing

July 15, 2020


The practice of genetic testing has been useful in clinically addressing found cases of familial hypercholesterolemia, among other conditions, but no clinical practice guidelines currently exist for testing patients with suspected hereditary dyslipidemia.

HDL Cholesterol Not As Useful for Predicting MI in Minority Patients

June 23, 2020


While often referred to as "Good cholesterol" new research suggests HDL measurements do little for predicting risk of heart attack in Black patients

State of Diabetes Care in 2020 with Robert Busch, MD

June 17, 2020


Discussing how advances in care and therapeutic agents have impacted the management of diabetes in 2020.

REDUCE-IT DIABETES Strengthens Icosapent Ethyl's Safety, Efficacy Profile

June 13, 2020


Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPH, discusses the results of the latest REDUCE-IT analysis, titled REDUCE-IT DIABETES, presented at ADA 2020.

Tai Chi Improves Mental Well-Being of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

June 09, 2020


A new study from the University of Arizona is shedding light on the psychological impact of Tai Chi in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Blood Pressure Treatment Adherence Reduces Mortality, Regardless of Frailty

June 08, 2020


A new analysis examines impact of treatment adherence in more than 1.2 million patients.

FDA Approves Ticagrelor DAPT for Patients Without CVD, Stroke History

June 01, 2020


The expanded indication is the first regulatory approval for aspirin plus ticagrelor dual antiplatelet therapy in those with a high risk, but no history of heart attack or stroke.

Muthiah Vaduganathan, MD: Real-World Impact of Comprehensive HFrEF Therapy

May 29, 2020


Discussing the results of a recent analysis that estimated the impact of comprehensive therapy with SGLT2 inhibitors, ARNIs, and MRAs in patients with HFrEF.

AHA Seeks to Address Health Disparities in American Indians, Alaska Natives

May 28, 2020


The latest scientific statement from the American Heart Association examines disparities in risk factors, social determinants of health, and management approaches for these patients.