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Psychedelic Drug Reduces Anxiety, Depressive Symptoms in Cancer Patients

January 28, 2020


Psilocybin, which is commonly found in psychedelic mushrooms, is linked with enduring antianxiety and antidepressant effects.

Arjun Masurkar, MD, PhD: Clinical Trials for Alzheimer Disease

December 15, 2019


Arjun Masurkar, MD, PhD, discusses some of the issues with Alzheimer disease clinical trials.

Arjun Masurkar, MD, PhD: Genetic Testing for Alzheimer Disease

December 14, 2019


Arjun Masurkar, MD, PhD, discusses how genetic testing could usher in a new wave of diagnostics for Alzheimer disease.

Lenard Adler, MD: Improvements in ADHD Screening

December 03, 2019


Lenard Adler, MD, talks about some of the advances in recent years in screening for ADHD in adults and adolescents.

Shaline Rao, MD: Causes of Rising Heart Failure Rates

December 02, 2019


A discussion on why heart failure rates have climbed over the past decade while research indicates rates of cardiovascular disease, as a whole, have begun to decline.

Margaret Nachtigall, MD: Big Picture OB/GYN Care

November 30, 2019


How women's health burdens touch genetics, psychiatry, cardiology, and whether physicians are equipped to manage it all.