F & I Spells Rip Off

Physician's Money DigestMay 15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 9

You've bested the auto salesperson atthe negotiation game and now there's justthe paperwork to deal with. Actually,now's the time to be extra vigilant,because you're going in to see the financeand insurance manager, the F & I guy,whose job is to get some or all of thatmoney you saved on the car back fromyou. His tools are extras that add cost butlittle value and a loan with a bloatedinterest rate. Your first defense on financingis to know your credit score; a scoreof 700 or more should qualify you for thebest loan rates. Armed with that knowledge,you can head off any attempt by theF & I manager to jack up interest rates.Basically, that means the $40 or so youpay MyFico (www.myfico.com) to getyour credit score could save you hundredsor even thousands in the F & Imanager's office.

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