Physician's Money DigestApril30 2003
Volume 10
Issue 8

(Business 2.0, 2003)

59%—Percentage of PhDs in science and engineering awarded at US colleges that go to American citizens.

(American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003)

60%—Percentage of unintentional drownings of children under age 1 that occur in bathtubs.

(Washington Post, 2003)

$3.5 billion —Operating losses for American Airlines in 2002.

(Reader's Digest, 2003)

7.3 million —Number of patients who visited physicians' Web sites in 2002.


(USA Today, 2003)

$17 million —Compensation for actor Tobey Maguire to appear in the movie sequel.

(Annals of Internal Medicine, 2003)

26%—Percentage of Americans who think it's acceptable for doctors to mislead insurers to pay for medical care.

(Reuters Health, 2003)

11%—Percentage of doctors who think it's acceptable to mislead insurers to pay for medical care.

(Harris Poll, 2003)

85%—Percentage of US adults who say they wear auto seat belts.

(New York Times, 2002)

$20 million —Estimated annual profits for CBS-TV's 60 Minutes.

(BusinessWeek, 2002)

$1.6 million —Average annual salary for a pro hockey player.

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