Tsunami Relief

Physician's Money DigestFebruary28 2005
Volume 12
Issue 4

Americans have responded to therecent disastrous tsunami in SoutheastAsia by opening their wallets. Unfortunately,there are already reports of charityscams where donations lined the pocketsof the scammers and never got tothose who needed them. To check onwhether a tsunami relief organizationmeets certain standards, look it up on theBetter Business Bureau's Web site (BBB;www.give.org), which has a list of charitiesinvolved in the tsunami disaster reliefefforts. Click on the name of the charityyou intend to donate to and you'll findout whether it meets the BBB's standards.The Web site also has a list of tipsto help you decide which charities youshould support. You can also check outthe American Institute for PhilanthropyWeb site (www.charitywatch.org) formore information.

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