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Physician's Money DigestFebruary28 2005
Volume 12
Issue 4

Rich Dad, Poor


Want to play a game? It's called"Cashflow," and it teachesthe fundamentals of makingmoney work hard for you so that youdon't have to work hard for it. The gamewas developed in 1996 by RobertKiyosaki, author of the series (Warner Business Books).

Reality Board Games

Kiyosaki developed the game becausehe saw that the rules of the world werechanging but our education system wasn'tpicking up on the need for change."Our schools teach us to work for money,but we don't know how to have moneywork for us," Kiyosaki explains. "Peoplesay investing is risky. It's not investingthat's risky it's ignorance that's risky. Icreated the game as a self-teaching,ongoing educational tool."

The game allows players to make reallife investing decisions and to experiencethe consequences of those decisions in aless painful and costly manner. But thereare no answers, Kiyosaki points out, justchoices you make as the game progresses.Each time you play the game is different,so you're presented with variouschallenges. The path you take dependson how you address each challenge. Andthe key to success is repetition.

Kiyosaki says he doesn't delude himselfinto thinking the game is for everybody.But Cashflow has built a significantfollowing. In addition to English, it iscurrently licensed in 10 languages. Andon the first Saturday of every month at2 PM, Cashflow is played in some 200locations around the world by almost600 people who signed up to play the game. It's called"International Cashflow Meetup Day."

New York Times


According to a report, people ranging from administrativeassistants to financial analystsmeet regularly to play the game, whichretails for $195. Discounts areavailable through the Meetup.comWeb site. The game's first goal is to getout of the rat race and onto the fasttrack. "The rat race is where 90% ofpeople invest," Kiyosaki says. "Thatencompasses stocks, mutual funds, andsmall real estate. The outer track is thefast track, and there really is a fast trackin the investment world."

Fast Track Pointers

Kiyosaki points out that to legallyinvest in the real world fast track, individualsmust have an annual income ofaround $250,000 and a net worth ofabout $1 million. And since a net worthof $1 million isn't uncommon today,according to Kiyosaki, many people,including physicians, invest in the fasttrack but lack the knowledge to do soproperly. The only way a player can getonto the fast track in the game is todemonstrate competence of incomestatements, balance sheets, and thevocabulary of investing.


According to the article, theNew York metropolitan area has one ofthe largest Cashflow groups. However,the game has become a magnet in otherlocations, including Singapore, Phoenix,Melbourne, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur."My father was a PhD and he died broke,"Kiyosaki explains. "So it became obviousto me that a good education was notenough. People who can't control wheretheir cash is flowing often struggle financiallythroughout their lives, regardless ofhow much money they make." For moreinformation, visit orcall 800-308-3585.

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