Nix on Long Car Loans

Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2005
Volume 12
Issue 5

The lower monthly payments thatcome with long-term car loans may betempting, but if you finance a new car for5 years or longer, the chances are verygood that you'll owe more than the car isworth if you decide to sell it before theloan term is up. Even worse, the car couldbe stolen or totaled in an accident. Theinsurance company would then pay youthe depreciated value of the car—probablya lot less than you owe—and you'd bestuck paying off a loan on a car you don'teven own anymore. Then there's the warranty,which most carmakers offer for 3or 4 years. With a 5-year loan, you'd besaddled with the cost of repairs, whichare likely to be higher as the car ages, ontop of the loan payments.

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