Dispute Your Charge

Physician's Money Digest, March15 2005, Volume 12, Issue 5


You're out on the Cape on a lovelyrented motorboat that just conked out.The merchant already charged you forthe defunct boat. Card issuers such asVisa and MasterCard suggest going tothe merchant to work something out,and then filing a claim with your issuer.If it's a fraudulent claim, go directlyto the issuer. But this process can be along and thankless ordeal. Busy doctorsmay want to consider enlisting the helpof DisputeMyCharge.com. The Web-basedcompany helps consumers fightunfair charges for half the cost of the disputedamount or a flat fee of $29.95.The site sends a letter to the merchantdemanding a refund and, if unsuccessful,to the issuer. If need be, the companyrepresents consumers in an appealsprocess. Consumer advocate groupsinsist that consumers shouldn't have topay for something they can do themselves for free. True, but you might notget around to talking with that marineowner anytime soon.