Electronic Record-Keeping

Physician's Money Digest, March15 2005, Volume 12, Issue 5

Thought about updating your paperfile system through electronic medicalrecords (EMRs)? It sounds great: Reduceoverhead costs; eliminate most errors; andmake information accessible. But howdoes a busy doctor sort through the myriadEMR solutions currently available?Orthopedic surgeon Eric S. Fishman, MD,founded EMRConsultant.com (888-519-3100) to assist physicians in sortingthrough the many choices. The companyconducts research to evaluate EMR softwareprograms' capabilities with respectto patient electronic communication andconnectivity, compatibility with speechrecognition, patient support, and administrativeprocesses. The free online servicetakes into account the number of physiciansin your practice, medical specialtyof practitioners, and practice managementsoftware already in use to point outthe most helpful EMR programs availablefor your particular practice.