Did You Know?

Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2005
Volume 12
Issue 5

(Center for the American Dream, 2004)

52%—Percentage of Americans who say they have too much debt.


Justice Department, 2004)

1.5 million—Number of people in US federal and state prisons.

(BusinessWeek, 2004)

64%—Percentage of Americans who say there is never enough time inthe day to get things done.

(New York Post, 2004)

$45.28—Average price for a ticket to a professional basketball game.

(US News

& World Report, 2004)

$43,176—Average annual salary for a national park ranger.

(Parade, 2004)

870—Number of active duty general officers in the military service ofthe United States.

(New York Post, 2004)

$1.1 billion—Annual contribution of the United States to the UnitedNations.

(New York Post, 2004)

$171,900—Annual salary for the Secretary of State in the UnitedStates.

(New York Post, 2004)

$838,276—Annual salary for the head coach of the Syracuse Universitymen's basketball team.

(National Geographic, 2004)

1792—Average annual number of hours worked by an American.

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