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Physician's Money DigestMarch15 2005
Volume 12
Issue 5

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Brother, Where Art Thou?

(2004): Sometimes a storyis just too good to be"messed with." Iknow I braced myselfwhen I heardthat Homer's was being adaptedfor the big screen.On the one hand Icould not imaginehow they could ever cram such abeloved epic into a couple of hours.On the other hand, I knew I just hadto see them try. And like most ambitiousadaptations, this one fell shortof the mark. Don't get me wrong, ithad some wonderful moments, but itteetered a little too tenuously betweenthe world of mythology andhistory for my liking. Director WolfgangPeterson nods to the mythologicalroots of the story without actuallymaking them a part of the film—although Achilles (Brad Pitt) makes itclear that he has walked among thegods. So where are they? Thetis (thesea-goddess, Achilles' mother) makesan appearance, but unless you studiedmythology, you'd hardly recognizeher. And the rearranging of plotand character motivation felt a bitstrained. Overall the cast is strongand appears committed to makingthe film work, but there are someobstacles that even the gods can'tovercome. In this case, a forced scriptand an abandoned source, leave thisbeautiful film barren. If you want tosee a better, though highly interpretive,Homeric adaptation, rent

Rating: 2

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