Did You Know?

Physician's Money Digest March31 2005
Volume 12
Issue 6


(MSNBC, 2004)

$2.5 million—Total winnings for recording-breaking championKen Jennings.

(Investment News, 2005)

195,000—Number of Americans earning $100,000+ who were IRS-auditedin 2004.

(Entrepreneur, 2004)

75%—Percentage of small businesses that employ a certified publicaccountant to manage their finances.


Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2004)

80%—Percentage of motorists who say they use seatbelts.

(Investor's Business Daily, 2004)

30%—Percentage of Amtrak trains that operate on a late schedule.

(USA Today, 2004)

1.3 million—Number of cars stolen each year in the United States.

(Fortune, 2004)

1.4 million—Number of new cancer patients who are diagnosed eachyear.

(New York Post, 2004)

45%—Percentage of community college students who are the first intheir family to attend college.

(New York Times, 2004)

$171,900—Annual salary for a member of the US president's cabinet.

(New York Times, 2004)

$57,180—Cost to charter a Gulfstream III private jet from New York toLos Angeles.

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