Reading Room: The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle

Physician's Money Digest March31 2005
Volume 12
Issue 6

The New Laws of the Stock

Market Jungle

Do you, like so many individualinvestors, feel victimizedby revolutionarychanges in the stock market?New players, technology, andinformation flow radicallyimpact your investments,whether you realize it or not.Michael J. Panzner, a 20-yearveteran of the global stock,bond, and currency market, takes youunder the hood of today's equity marketsin ($24.95; Financial TimesPrentice Hall; 2004) so you can chooseinvestments that win.

In the book, Panzner highlights 10 keydevelopments in the modern share-tradingenvironment and devotes a chapterto each topic. Written for those investorswho have some measure of experience,he explores the 10 new laws of the stockmarket, which include intraday volatility,trading like commodities,approaches and attitudes,information and communication,and derivatives,among others. Each law iscarefully explained in thecontext of modern developments,consequences for investors,and tactics for counteractingor capitalizing oncurrent circumstances.

The New Laws

The New

Laws of the Stock Market Jungle

is for the physician-investorwho doesn't want to be caughtinvesting based on outdated stock marketlaws. Robert Jafek, principal atTorrey Pines Capital, comments,"Panzner's book reveals many of thetools and tricks we professionals useevery day to make money?.Honestly, Iwish he had not said a thing."is asound investment for any experienced,savvy investor.

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