Reading Room: So Sue Me!

Physician's Money Digest August 2005
Volume 12
Issue 12

So Sue Me!

How to Protect Your Assets from the

Lawsuit Explosion

As a physician, you'revery familiar with malpracticelawsuits, and payexpensive premiums to protectyourself and your practice.But are you protectedfrom getting sued in yourpersonal life? What shouldyou do to protect yourself incase you find yourself as the defendantin a lawsuit, no matter how frivolous itmay be? In his new book (Garrett Publishing;2005), Arnold S. Goldstein, PhD, offershis advice on how to structure a solidasset protection plan to help prevent apossible litigious nightmare. By placingyour assets out of reach,you can prevent a financialdisaster resulting fromcourt proceedings. Thebook not only providesguidance on lawsuits, butalso other legal pickles suchas divorce, IRS troubles, andbankruptcy. Goldstein, oneof America's leading attorneysin the area of asset protection,stresses the importance of being preparedand implementing a protectionplan as soon as possible, because younever know when a lawsuit will comeyour way. Unfortunately, sometimesthe trouble finds you, so you need tohave your finances in order if and whenit does.

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