Wireless Woes

Physician's Money Digest August 2005
Volume 12
Issue 12

The good and the bad:

Wall Street


Move over American Express card;what you can't leave home without thesedays is your trusty cell phone. In fact, it'sprobably been by your side for so longnow, you can't imagine going anywherewithout it. But is your compact sidekickreliably servicing all your cellular needs?If you have complaints about your phoneservice, you're in good company. Cellphone dead zones, spots where you can'tmaintain a connection or get service, andindecipherable billing statements top thelist of consumer complaints received bythe FCC. Accordingto an article in the Verizon Wireless had the fewestcustomer complaints and Cingular Wirelesshad the most. Despite its currentcomplaint-laden standings, Cingular hasbecome the nation's largest cellular serviceprovider, since it's acquisition ofAT&T Wireless Services Inc last fall. Ifyou don't want to go through the troubleof filing your own complaint with theFCC but still want to be heard, visit planetfeedback.com or escapecellhell.org.

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