Mail Fraud 2005

Physician's Money Digest August 2005
Volume 12
Issue 12



Whether it comes in a tin can or youre-mail box, if you're like most doctors,you probably don't like spam. Neither dothe men and women who sat on the juryfor a Leesburg, Va, trial that eventuallysentenced one of the world's top spammersto 9 years in prison. The online bandit,who is believed to have sent out nearly10 million e-mails a day at one point,ripped off thousands of dollars fromunsuspecting targets with his scams. Ifyou think a 9-year stint behind bars fore-mail fraud is a little too harsh, youmight change your mind when you considerthe thief's monthly salary was$750,000. The case is currently beingappealed, however, so the convicted felonmay never spend a day in jail. According to,the spammer told the judge that no matterwhat happens with the appeal, he'sgiving up "e-mail marketing" for good.

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