Golden Dollar, Round Two

Physician's Money Digest August 2005
Volume 12
Issue 12

Remember the golden Sacagaweadollar coin from a few years ago?Chances are, you probably didn't havean overabundance of them in yourpocket. Despite the best marketingefforts of the government, the Sacagaweadollar never caught on, and thecoins all but disappeared from circulation.Well, the US Mint isn't ready togive up on their dollar coin dream justyet. The House recently voted 422 to 6for approval of a new golden dollar tobegin circulation. The new coin willfeature the faces of past presidents withfour coins coming out each year in theorder the presidents served in office,similar to the state quarter program.The Statue of Liberty will be featuredon the back. Although it's unclearwhether just having new faces on thedollar coins will boost their popularity,they should at least be very appealingto collectors.

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