Cinema Consults: THE AVIATOR

Physician's Money Digest August 2005
Volume 12
Issue 12

This film, which can be rentedfrom your local video store, israted on a scale of 1 to 4 caducei:

THE AVIATOR (2004): Get outthe popcorn andtake a seat; it's timefor another epicwith Leonardo DiCaprio. For somemoviegoers thesewords can strikefear into theirhearts. For others,myself included,these words are approached withsome cynicism, a dash of trepidation,and just a little bit of hope. For thisinstallation of the DiCaprio saga,Martin Scorsese pilots a biopic of thelife and times of eccentric millionaireHoward Hughes. The tale of Hughesis fascinating and offers a feast forthe film's cinematographer (RobertRichardson snagged an Oscar) in thecapturing of death-defying aerialstunts. My problem with the film isthat it turns Hughes into a tragichero and glosses over his less-than-moralproclivities. This is not to saythat I do not feel compassion.DiCaprio does a very good job ofeliciting sympathy for Hughes as hebattles mental illness. However, thisshould not excuse his very troublingshortcomings. Although movies ofgreat length are normally not a petpeeve for me, I did feel that this onedragged on a bit, especially whenCate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburnwas no longer part of the story'saction. Blanchett was delightful becauseshe did more than mimic thehighly stylized starlet; she really createda flesh and bone character thatwas charming and believable.

Rating: 2.5

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