Physician's Money DigestJune 2006
Volume 13
Issue 6

$4.3 billion—Amount thatAmericans will pay to withdraw cashfrom ATMs in 2006. (BusinessWeek,2005)

33%—Percentage of babyboomers who volunteered at anorganization at least once in the pastyear. (Wall Street Journal, 2005)

88 million—Number ofhouseholds in the United States withat least one telephone. (For Achiever'sOnly, 2006)

50%—Percentage of consumerswho say they are planning on makinghome improvements in 2006.(Experian-Gallup poll, 2005)

62%—Percentage of Americansaged 50 and older who have cut backon their daily driving due to high gasprices. (Health, 2006)

1.3 million—Number ofimmigrants who arrive in US citiesevery week. (Strategy & Business, 2006)

7 million—Number of wordsin the 2005 US tax law. (JacksonHewitt, 2006)

43%—Percentage of firstmarriages that end in divorce.(Newsweek, 2006)

65%—Percentage of remarriagesthat include children from a previousmarriage. (Newsweek, 2006)

60%—Percentage of remarriagesinvolving children that end in divorce.(Newsweek, 2006)

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