READINGROOM: The Net Worth Workout

Physician's Money DigestJune 2006
Volume 13
Issue 6

The Net Worth Workout

The Net Worth Workout

Physicians always tout the benefits of a fitness programfor their patients' health and well-being.The new book (AMACOM;2006) provides an exercise regimen not for yourwaistline but for your wallet. Written by SusanFeitelberg, your "financial fitness trainer," this book provideshelpful exercises to get your finances in shape soyou can enjoy a healthy and happy retirement. Consideringthe average American retires with less than ayear's living expenses in their savings account, the needto whip your funds into shape before your twilight years becomes clear. Feitelbergmerges her experience as a triathlete with her expertise as a financial advisor forJPMorgan Chase into a monetary regimen that focuses on positivity and discipline.Chock full of fitness allegories, Feitelberg tells of the four quadrants of financialhealth as they relate to physical health, including earning equals metabolism,spending equals calorie intake, saving equals strength training, and investingequals cardio fitness. is an easy-to-read financial tomethat bills itself as a powerful conditioning program for your finances. Try reading itwhile turning miles on your stationary bike.

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