Discover Money You Didn't Even Know You Had

Physician's Money DigestDecember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 12

Every physician-investor would welcomean unexpected financial windfall ofsome sort. While not every physician canhit the lottery or find buried treasure, thereis a chance you could be sitting on a substantialsum of money that you weren'teven aware of. According to,the National Association of UnclaimedProperty Administrators says that there areliterally billions of dollars in cash and valuablesjust waiting for their rightful ownersto claim them. As a matter of fact, theyprofess that 1 of 8 Americans have theright to collect money from old bankaccounts, stocks, bonds, uncashed paychecks,utility deposits, and other sources.If you're going through your parents' records, you may discover old bank statementsthat indicate there is still money inthe account. If the bank is no longer inservice, you can contact the FDIC to trackdown where the money has gone andmake an attempt to claim it. You may alsofind old stock certificates that could beworth considerable amounts of money. Ifthis happens, contact the SEC to see if youhave a right to the money and to find outthe current value of the certificate.

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