READING ROOM: Stock Investing for Dummies

Physician's Money Digest, December 2006, Volume 13, Issue 12


Investing for Dummies

Physicians are always seeking a simpler and quickerway to understand their finances and investingoptions. Reading through a library of investing andfinancial books is out of the question. Financial consultantand bestselling author Eric Tyson, MBA, has written (Wiley Publishing, Inc; 2006) to helpefficiently guide investors through their options. The book is broken into six parts,each taking an in-depth look at an important investing category—including realestate, resources, stocks, and small businesses. The chapters within each sectionexplain the concept basics and utilize charts, graphs, and boxed sections to helpinvestors understand the topic's intricacies. Among Tyson's most important conceptsare: be realistic about returns; diversify; don't expect to beat the stock market;don't bail when things look bleak; and ignore prognosticators. To help reachthese goals, Tyson includes icons throughout the book so readers can skim for tips,warnings, or investing reminders. The book is perfect for physician-investors whowant more than dry and confusing explanations from an investing book. Tyson'schapters are simple to digest with visuals and mathematical explanations for easycomprehension.