Physician's Money DigestMarch 2007
Volume 14
Issue 3

9.7%—Percentage of Americanwomen in 2005 that were engaged inearly entrepreneurial activities.(BusinessWeek, 2006)

$100,145—Amount stolen byan Australian Mint employee over 10months, smuggled in his lunch boxand boots. (Time, 2006)

43%—Percentage of people whobelieve dreams reflect unconsciousdesires. (Newsweek, 2006)

40%—Percentage of peoplewho don't believe dreams reflectunconscious desires. (Newsweek, 2006)

130 million—Number ofdiscarded cell phones in 2005 in theUnited States. (Entrepreneur, 2006)

90%—Percentage of Louis Vuittonand Christian Dior items on eBay thatparent company LVMH alleges arefakes. (BusinessWeek, 2006)

$3746—Average net worth ofpeople aged 25 to 34. (Media Counselto the AICPA, 2006)

5.9%—Percentage rise on averageof private 4-year college tuition.(Trends in College Pricing Report, 2006)

$38 million—AmountAmericans spend on women'sclothing. (Real Simple, 2006)

$25 million—AmountAmericans spend on men's clothing.(Real Simple, 2006)

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