Book Review: Island Dreams Caribbean

Physician's Money DigestApril 2007
Volume 14
Issue 4


Dreams Caribbean

It is 4 weeks until your vacation andyou don't think you can wait anotherminute. Now is the time to closeyour office door, tell your office managerto hold your calls for 10 minutes, andpull out your copy of (Thamesand Hudson; 2005) writtenby Joan Tapper with photographyby Nik Wheeler. As you flipthrough the pages, your sensesare assaulted with lushimages of paradise—pastelbuildings, smiling locals,crystal waters, and exotichideaways. The accompanyingprose gives you a taste ofthe experiences that await you on thesedistant shores. All of the tropicalfavorites are represented, and Tapperand Wheeler even showcase some lesserknown destinations including Bequia,Saba, Terre de Haut, and Tobago. So, ifyou need an escape, put on someCalypso music and crack open thisbook; your instant vacation awaits.

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