Cinema Consults: Superman Returns

Physician's Money DigestApril 2007
Volume 14
Issue 4

Superman Returns (2006)Franchises, sequels,and remakes plagueour theaters. So fewhave merit, but somany are irresistibleas a result of theirnostalgia factor. Likeyouthful days gone by, we long to relivethe moments we spent with our favoriteon-screen characters. Unfortunately,once we buy our tickets, we realize thatthe director wants to impose a "new" and "different" spin on our treasuredmemories. It is rare to find a directorlike Bryan Singer who approaches anon-screen revival with a reverence forthe past, embracing rather than annihilatingthe work that came before him.The world needs a Superman andSinger delivered. Superman Returns,however, has its flaws—taking so longto rev up and set up, that I can barelyrecall the plot. What I do remember,however, is how much I appreciatedhearing John Williams' score, MarlonBrando's voice, and Brian Routh'suncanny representation of ChristopherReeve. The drama regarding Lois Lane(Kate Bosworth) and Superman is alsoback with a greater depth than has everbeen shown in prior films. And I wouldbe remiss not to mention Kevin Spaceyas Lex Luther, whose eeriness lends apalpable fatalism to the supervillain.Alas, this very satisfying dose of nostalgiacomes with a price—a sluggishpace and a mediocre storyline. I canonly hope that Singer is setting thingsup, as he did with the X-Men franchise,for an action-packed second act.

Rating: 3

Lisa A. Tomaszewski, editor of Physician's MoneyDigest, has recently completed her PhD in literatureat Drew University in New Jersey. She is anavid fan of film and has taught a summer filmcourse at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Shewelcomes questions, comments, or suggestionsfor future film reviews at 609-524-9569

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