Physician's Money DigestApril 2007
Volume 14
Issue 4

$19,300—Average loan debtof 62% of undergraduate studentswho borrow to fund their education.(Time, 2006)

42%—Percentage of people underage 30 who had their financial orpersonal information stolen bysomeone they knew. (Experian-GallupPersonal Credit Index Topline Report, 2006)

$131,200—Amount oneof Johnny Cash's guitars sold forat his estate sale in 2004. (Business-Week, 2006)

20%—Percentage of wineintroduced since 2003 featuringanimals on their labels. (Business-Week, 2006)

30%—Percentage more alcoholpeople pour when using shorterglasses. (Money, 2006)

$500—Price tag of a stolen creditcard number with PIN on the blackmarket. (Time, 2006)

4—Number of hours the averageAmerican watches television everyday. (Fortune, 2007)

185,368—Number of peoplewho were bumped from flights in thespring of 2006. (Time, 2006)

$1361—Amount per month ofthe average Social Security singleretiree born in 1941. (Newsweek, 2006)

20%—Percentage of children whoexperience homesickness when theygo to camp or college. (US News &World Report, 2007)

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