Learning the Financial Term of the Day

Physician's Money Digest, April 2007, Volume 14, Issue 4

If terms like "variable cost" or "structurednote" leave you stratching your head,you may be the perfect candidate forInvestorWords.com. This free service providesyou with a financial word of the day,and all you need to do to subscribe is visitwww.investorwords.com and enter your emailaddress. The online financial glossaryhas over 6000 definitions, and you cansearch the site by word or first letter.Recent Terms of the Day include "significantorder," "operating leverage," and "Class Ashares corporate bond." The site also has asubject glossary for an in-depth look at specificinvesting or financial topics. Currentlythe service has over 58,000 subscribers, andadvertisers include Charles Schwab, FidelityInvestments, and Morningstar.