THUMBS UP: Understanding Your 401(k): Made Easier

Physician's Money DigestApril 2007
Volume 14
Issue 4

Wall Street



With all the financial informationand advice out there, physician-investorscan have a tough time understandingtheir 401(k) plan. Oftentimes,employees have no idea what isinvolved in their 401(k), and that ignorancecan be costing them money. But,understanding what your plan includesis easier than you may have thought,according to a recent article. The key to grasping thejargon is reading through all of theinformation you can get about yourplan. Request all the paperwork aboutyour company's plan. Companies havebrochures and documents that may notbe distributed but are readily availablewhen requested. Read up on the planand visit the company's 401(k) Website, where more information or easy-to-understand summaries may beaccessible. The suggests optingfor the life-cycle plan when it's available.This plan is a target-maturity plan,meaning risk adjustments are madeaccording to projected retirement date.If you're still unsure about your 401(k),see an advisor. Most companies providea financial advisor for little or nocost per quarter. An advisor may helpyou decide whether a managed accountwould be in your best interest.

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