Shall We Go Clubbing, Doctor?

Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2007
Volume 14
Issue 9

Do you have the interest in investing but find you don't know where to start? Do you miss the intellectual discussions from your college days? Do you yearn to do some investing outside of your carefully structured portfolio but don't know how? You may want to join an investment club, or hey, start your own.

Investment clubs have become a popular way for individuals to get together to discuss the always complex world of investing. Clubs discuss hedge funds, review investment books, and host professional lecturers. Some clubs pool together a small amount of money and decide where to best invest it. The agenda of most investment clubs, however, is to educate. It's a safe, open arena for peers to come together to learn and give each other advice. It's advised that when starting a club, the purpose of the club should be clearly stated and, if fees are involved, a lawyer should be hired to draft up a member agreement. For more information about investment clubs, visit

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