Surf Your Way Through Real Estate

Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2007
Volume 14
Issue 9

Looking to buy a new home or sell your current one? You may want to go online to save yourself a lot of time and money. All of the following services may help you in your real estate research.

If you're looking to buy, log on to or to determine your price range. Access home listings by visiting, which has three million listings, or your local agent's Web site. To compare prices, go to for estimated home valuations. You can check out a specific location with sites like and A variety of services are offered at, where you can get values, mortgage information, view listings, and compare agents. Want a newly-built house? Check out Mortgage rates can be evaluated at and

Have a house to sell? Visit to list your home or to advertise your home at no cost, get users to offer a "Make Me Move" price that might catch your interest, and add information about your home to give it an owner's value estimate. and Real also allow owners to add information on renovations that may adjust the value of their home.

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