Don't Fall into Employee Hiring Traps

Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2007
Volume 14
Issue 9

So you've just completed an exhaustive hiring effort to bring a new staff member to your practice. Unfortunately, you haven't found an ideal candidate that really jumped out at you. Should you settle for a lesser candidate, possibly regretting it later, or spend more precious time and resources on another search? Communication Briefings says there are additional concerns other than employing in haste. You shouldn't hire a candidate just because they're a former employee of an esteemed medical facility, as they may not have lived up to expectations while there. In that case, you'll want to thoroughly investigate their individual contributions. In addition, you should go with your gut reaction concerning an interviewee. If you didn't warm up to them in the interview— when they're supposed to present their best side—chances are you won't like them much better down the road. Avoid candidates who claim they had problems with their former boss, as they may have a chip on their shoulder and become dissatisfied with future bosses as well. Also, don't dismiss a candidate just because they're "overqualified" for the position. Many overqualified applicants have been laid off and are willing to accept a step down in title and a pay cut to land a job.

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