Madrid: The Beginners' Top 10

MD Magazine®Volume 6 Issue 1
Volume 6
Issue 1

What's not to love about Madrid? The city is cleaner and less noisy than Rome, and Madrid's people are more helpful. Here are the top 10 sights to see in the capital of Spain.

We have a Czech friend who says cities are either introvert or extrovert. Paris and Las Vegas he labels extrovert and London and Brno, his country’s second largest city, he calls introvert.

Interesting — Spanish novelist, Carlos Ruiz Zafón also has something to say. He calls his two favorite cities “living creatures. To me, Madrid is a man and Barcelona is a woman … a woman who's extremely vain.”

Well, certainly Madrid pulsates with macho pride. How could it not? This is not the north of Spain with its less chauvinistic attitudes. Yet this strutting conceit is surely part of Madrid’s fascination.

We love Madrid; it’s cleaner than Rome, less noisy and its people more helpful. And you can walk its cobblestones without being knocked down by vehicles or motorbikes. Or gouged by the prices in tourist spots.

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