Post-Inflammatory Dyspigmentation in Patients With Skin of Color


Dr Linda Stein Gold and Dr Mona Shahriari discuss post-inflammatory dyspigmentation in patients with skin of color and its impact on patient’s quality of life.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Linda Stein Gold, MD; Mona Shahriari, MD, FAAD; and Seemal Desai, MD.

The conversation centers on the importance of addressing skin discoloration and other concerns in patients with psoriasis, particularly those with skin of color. Dermatologists stress the need to consider patients' perspectives beyond just clinical improvement, acknowledging that patients may still be dissatisfied with aspects like skin discoloration even if other symptoms improve.

They emphasize the significance of open communication with patients, including discussing their satisfaction with treatment outcomes and addressing any concerns they may have. Patients are reassured that skin discoloration is a natural part of the healing process and not their fault.

The conversation also touches on the impact of cultural practices and traditional therapies on psoriasis, highlighting the importance of non-judgmental dialogue and patient education. Dermatologists recognize the need to understand patients' cultural backgrounds and individual goals to provide effective care.

Furthermore, they discuss the need for a holistic approach to treatment, considering not only clinical improvements but also the impact of psoriasis on patients' quality of life. The conversation concludes with an emphasis on the importance of patient-centered care and understanding patients' cultural and personal perspectives to help them achieve better outcomes.

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