Tom Chiller, MD: Candida auris Treatment Options


Tom Chiller, MD, MPH, Mycotic Diseases Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, talks about treatment options for Candida auris and multi-drug resistant treatment options.

Tom Chiller, MD, MPH, Mycotic Diseases Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Typical patients who develop at infections due to Candida receive an antifungal drug and the first line that Typhon roll assuming the first-line therapy for Candida and Kennedy Mia are the kinda canned in class of drugs, and we still feel like that is the right and appropriate therapy, the problem is we're now seeing some of these species, some of these isolate, some of these patients with the Candida infections due to Canada or us develop resistance to that class of antifungals in which case you can still use the other one of the other two classes if they are susceptible but as I mentioned if they do develop triple resistance that's where we're very concerned that's been exceedingly rare so so far if you're if you pick the right drug and you're able to get that drug onboard you can still treat these patients but I am very concerned for the development of multi-drug resistance in these organisms I think that one of the things is sort of exciting right now in the antifungal world if there do appear to be several drugs in the pipeline that have different mechanisms of action or that have extended spectrum mechanisms of action that are going to potentially be available for people to use that we haven't really had a new antifungal drug in many years in fact maybe in a couple decades and so it's exciting to see that there is a pipeline and I'm I'm hopeful and I really hope that that work continues rapidly to get these drugs into human trials and to find out how well they will work against fungal infections and specifically for Canada Oris we really need to be thinking about when and if we get that triple resistant organism how are we going to treat it.

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