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Cardiology Review® OnlineAugust 2012
Volume 28
Issue 4


Subscription to ACCEL audio provides clinicians access to up to date reports on diagnosis, treatment, research, literature

reviews, editorials, and coverage of meetings and conferences throughout the world. Created by the American College of Cardiology and the Audio-Digest Foundation, the service allows clinicians to search for and retrieve information from an online audio journal, and download the materials to a computer or MP3 player. The service also provides continuing education opportunities were users can submit tests online or via mail. Users will need to sign up for an Audio-Digest account in order to use the service.


Healio: Cardiology Today

This beta site for Healio.com covers news and education and allows users to select and tailor news to fit the needs of their cardiology practice. It features industry news, including research on treatments, medication, specific cardiology fields, multimedia and video resources, and subject-oriented blogs. It also includes video resources and meeting and conference coverage focused on research developments. In addition, the website includes links to CME opportunities, meeting resources, and a careers section.


Heart Failure Clinical Tools Library

This American Heart Association resource includes tools to help cardiologists implement the association’s protocol in their hospitals. The library covers topics such as management management and evaluation summaries, discharge orders and instructions, patient education tools, mortality risk models, and pertinent algorithms. It offers links to other resources that provide implementation tips, diagnosis codes, and solutions to common implementation barriers. A feedback session allows users to submit their opinions and contribute to developing new tools.


HCP Live: Cardiology

HCP Live offers health resources for a variety of cardiac conditions, including atrial fibrillation, atherosclerosis, heart failure, and hypertension. Resourced include articles August 2012 | Cardiology Review 39 on the latest cardiac resource, news from industry leaders, and information on relevant clinical trials. Website visitors can find videos on new devices and treatments, counseling, and other topics. For those who are unable to watch videos at work, the site also offers a selection of podcasts

for breaks or trips to and from the office. An events section helps clinicians keep track of upcoming conferences and meetings. Online issues of Cardiology Review are available with references here as well.


iHeart Touch

iHeart Touch, by Nucleus Medical Media, assists clinicians in explaining the progression and diagnosis of coronary artery disease through medical animations, patient handouts, and interactive simulations. It includes and explains various treatment options and includes frequently used items such as atherosclerosis, coronary artery angiography, coronary artery bypass graft, and corononary artery bypass grafts. The app, used with the iPad, covers the normal anatomy of the heart, making it useful for variety of clinical consults.


Lipids Online Slide Library

This resource from Baylor College of Medicine’s Lipids Online website offers a collection of educational talks on lipid management from Lipids Online’s Editorial Board. The talks focus on managing atherosclerosis and other lipid-related disorders, such as dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, or inflammation. Topics include clinical case studies, metabolic

risk, lipid management studies, risk assessment and management guidelines, and other areas. Presentations include

slides, talking points, and references that are linked to PubMed, as well as keywords that are linked to additional slides. Talks can be viewed individually or in conjunction with other presentations. Resources are in PowerPoint format, allowing viewers to download the information to a computer. In addition, several presentations are offered as CME activties.


My Studies

My Studies brings the latest data from research studies to the iPad, while also accommodating clinicians’ busy schedules. The application condenses medical studies to the most relevant information, including important baseline characteristics, statistically significant results, absolute and relative numbers, confidence intervals, and other pertinent information. Studies are searchable by acronym, condition, therapy, year, journal, or a full-text abstract search. My Studies offers a free trial with sample studies, however, access to more studies requires a yearly or monthly subscription. It is compatible with iPad but not other Apple devices.



The National Cardiovascular Data Registry’s (NCDR’s) PINNACLE registry is cardiology’s largest database of outpatient records and aims to improve quality of care. The centralized system is meant to promote practice innovations by allowing users to submit data on their experience while also being able to view results. It is a portion of the NCDR suite of registry and allows clinicians to determine whether a treatment course improves quality of life. Registry membership includes quarterly benchmark reports; access to data on coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation; and a data submission system designed to integrate with practice workflow.


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