Deep Vein Thrombosis

How VTE Screening Can Be Improved

July 31, 2020


A discussion on how thromboembolism research and care could benefit from progression in diagnostics.

VTE May Not Be Significant Driver of Death

July 30, 2020


A new systematic review and meta-analysis challenges the notion that preventing VTE is associated reduced mortality risk.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter Reduces DVT-Cancer Patient Risk of Pulmonary Embolism

July 24, 2020


New findings evidences the device commonly used treatment in patients with VTE—despite its association with potentially new DVT development or existing DVT propagation.

Improving VTE Research: Where to Start?

July 22, 2020


An expert explains why little progress has been made in disease prevalence and burden in the US.

Medical Organizations Issue Statement on Advancing VTE Research

July 13, 2020


Sixteen organizations are seeking to drive the practice forward after the 2008 Call to Action from the Surgeon General fell short in addressing the public health need regarding VTE.

Stroke Treatment Gap Narrowing Between Men and Women

June 12, 2020


Lower treatment odds for women were also observed in a set of 7 studies that had data on the subgroup of patients eligible for IV rtPA treatment.

Anticoagulant Use Could Be Driving Rise in Risk of Intracerebral Hemorrhage

June 09, 2020


Analysis of the Framingham Heart Study indicates the rate of ICH in older patients has been on the rise and suggests anticoagulant use could have contributed to this increase.

Study Disputes Benefit of Compression Stockings for Preventing VTE

May 14, 2020


New research has found use of medication alone was noninferior to using medication and graduated compression socks for preventing VTE following non-emergency surgery.

Blood Thinners Could Increase Survival in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

May 06, 2020


New data from Mount Sinai Hospital suggests anticoagulant use could improve survival rates among patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

New Advisory Update Recommends PFO Closure for Stroke Patients

May 01, 2020


The AAN has released an update to their 2016 practice advisory—changing their stance on PFO closure to reduce risk of second stroke.